Who’s Afraid of the Big (Bad) Wolf?

By Diego Klabjan, Northwestern University

In May 2016, I attended the IRI Annual Meeting in Orlando. I participated in the round table discussion “Implications of Big Data on R&D Management,” organized by the Big Data Working Group where I serve as subject matter expert. The discussion was moderated by Mike Blackburn, R&D Portfolio/Program Leader, Cargill.

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Building a Data-Driven R&D Culture

by Mike Blackburn, Portfolio/Program Leader, R&D, Cargill, Big Data Team Co-Chair

We all have heard and read about Big Data!  A recent article was published in the WSJ CIO Journal on Cargill’s efforts to build a data-driven culture.  As our CIO, Justin Kershaw, explains, “There is a great opportunity for us to leverage the high-volume data that we generate each day,” Kershaw says. “Our size and diversity create some tough challenges in how we mine and analyze that data. Continue reading

Big Questions on Big Data in R&D

Thanks in large part to today’s interconnectivity, rapid scaling software platforms and databases, extremely agile IT teams, and exponential growth in technological development across the field of data science, data analysis for decision making has gotten much easier. The challenge is that the amount of data made available by these same capabilities also makes decision making harder; there is simply too much data. We have far more data than we can currently handle and systems designed to access and present that data in a meaningful way simply do not cut it… yet. So what can we do?

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